Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sipapu SkiBike Rally 2012!!

We just received word back that the Sipapu SkiBike Rally 2012 in
New Mexico is a go!!

We have an incredible weekend lined up with some very fun and memorable events
for all. We are still working the details on participant discounts and final
race course details but see the proposed plans below for the event.

Saturday Feb. 4, 2012
*8:00am-9:00am - Après/Meet and Greet (Slopeside SkiBikeFun/Vendor Booth)
*9:30am-3:30pm - SkiBike Demos-Free lessons and equipment use with lift ticket
purchase. Provide by SBF (SkiBikeFun) and various other vendors)
5:00pm-5:30pm - Moonlight SkiBike Parade
"Guided" group ride down the mountain at or near sunset, down the main green
catwalk. Paticipaints will decorate their bikes with lights and such with a
lighted ride down with a finaly of best costume, best decorated bike and best
overall prizes!!
*5:30pm-7:00pm - Après Sipapu Day Room

Sunday Feb. 5, 2012
*8:00am-9:00am - Après/Meet and Greet(Slopeside SkiBikeFun/Vendor Booth)
*9:30am-3:30pm - SkiBike Demos (As Availability Allows)
*10:00am-12:00pm - Race
Simple single rider timed event with 5-6 gates or flags. Great event for all
abilties and ages.
*1:00pm - Prizes, Awards and skiBike give away drawing!! (Slopeside
SkiBikeFun/Vendor Booth)

We will be looking to add Vendor clinics both Saturday and Sunday that will give
Rally participaints dedicated time with some of the best skibike experts in the
industry to help you with specific problems you are having with your ridding,
equipment choice/questions or just over all ability improvement. We will add
these clinics to the agenda as we get conformation from on attendance.

We are going to start rallying our vendors for the event, we need all of you to
mark your calanders and bring a friend!!!

Please let us know if you can donate food, your time or equipment for others to
use during the event if you plan on coming. Lets all get involved and make this
an amazing event to remember!! We are very excited about this event!!

Randy, Melanie and Krusty

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Berthoud Pass SkiBike Meet

Berthoud Pass. I had never even heard of the place until Devin Lenz called me up and asked me if SkiBikeFun could attend and help sponsor the inaugural Berthoud Pass SkiBike rally. Still jonesing for a few more runs this season, we agreed and drove up for the weekend of fun.

At 11,307 ft tall, there was not much air up there but there was a bunch of snow!!! Melanie and I arrived at the parking lot at Berthoud at just after 7:10am on Saturday April 30, 2011. Waiting for Devin and his crew, we noticed that there was already about 6 cars in the parking lot with most of those folks gone hiking already and a few more getting gear on for the upcoming fun. We started to see several people in many different directions hiking mountains in skis with skin and even saw a snowboarder post hole it up the big mountain top across the street. I have to give credit to these folks. I can't hardly breathe at this elevation sitting in the car in the parking lot and these folks are skinning up the mountain on skis. WOW!!

Finally Devin and team arrived and the real fun began. We started setting up the grills, unloading bikes, assembling the ramps for the big air and carving a walking path up the snow bank to the start of our runs. Devin arrived with this SIC ramp he built just for jumping. He is a perfectionist like no other I have ever seen. The ramp work was amazing and he even took the time to finish it so it looked like the darn thing was made of wood logs. We finally got most of the preliminary work completed and it was time to start playing.

As we all started down the first run, breaking the trail through "FEET" of fresh powder snow, it was not as easy as I had been accustomed too on ski hills. With no real bottom packed out on the run, it was a lot of work getting the first path cut. We had rode down about 1/3 of the way and gotten into some very flat parts of the run. We were all pushing through it and scootering our bikes it and holy molly it was a lot of work. We had taken a breather at this point and the folks above us moved forward. 3 of us left there and as we go to take off, one of the guys with us says he's not feeling to well and as I looked at him, he was pale as the snow. I asked him to sit down and the old boy almost lost consciences on me several times. Altitude sickness!! I've seen it before in folks but never had to deal with it personally. I usually find a ski patrol but at this event, there was none. I felt very helpless out there and all I could do it keep that old boy awake and as warm as possible. I was able to sit with him while the other guy with me headed down for help. After about 25 minutes, he started to come around a bit and I was able to ride with him very slowly and get him off the mountain. The entire episode rattled me a bit for the rest of the day but was very glad I got him done in one piece. He did not get back on the mountain the rest of the day.

I went down for another run and what a difference after the run was packed out!! A lot of fun!! We then moved into a timed race down the hill with each rider starting at 2min intervals. Times down ranged from approx. 10:30 to almost a full 20:00 minutes. Melanie and I were the finish officials and had a lot of fun.

We all finished out the day with some food and the big air competition. We took off after the awards ceremony and headed back into Winterpark to our condo. As we drove down the switchbacks off the mountain; there was not a single open piece of mountain side that did not have tracks coming down it. With no chair lifts in sight, that was impressive to me....the chubby kid from New Mexico.

The next day, I was wasted from all the fun and play but I'm still beaming from the fun I had even today. I called Devin back after I returned and said we wanted to help sponser this again next year and do it even bigger!!

A huge thanks for the efforts of everybody that came to the event. What a bunch of fun!!

Keep it skinny side up!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 15-18 OTS Durango Mountain Resort, Feb 24-27 2011

I closed out the end of February with 18 days on the snow total for the season. Better than most full seasons for me here in New Mexico. 15 of 28 days in February alone!! Over ½ of the entire month of February on the snow… I feel like a kid!!!

It was the 9th annual DMR SkiBike festival and we set up on Thursday along with our great friend Patrick from Stalmach. I obviously did not get my skis on at the Creek on Wednesday. I decided to have yet another down day as I would be on the snow for at least 4 days straight and wanted to get rested up. We had nice weather for a few days and even caught a powder day on Saturday morning. The SkiBike festival was a very different one this season as finally all of the in-fighting and animosity seemed to be strangely absent this festival along with one of our vendors. In fact this was the first festival I had been to in 2 missed previous years as I had tired of the in-fighting and DMR politics. My buddy Krusty had went last year without us and told me that things they were a changing and I decided to put my opinion aside and see for myself. I saw true comradery for the first time ever in this industry across all the makes on models. I saw people sharing runs for the first time this festival that had never in 9 years past. Yup, things they are a changing and I was glad to have seen it with my own eyes.

One of the coolest days was on Sunday, I saw folks swapping up gear and each platform user had a new appreciation of what the other could do on their own gear. I myself ended up taking a Snowscoot Boardbike down a 2x diamond without knowing it until my next run up. There is a lot of great gear out there today on several platforms no matter what you have on your feet or how you stand or sit on your gear.

Lots of vendors and folks in the biz showed up. Don Koski, Greg from ASA, Rod from SkiBike world, Devin from Lenzsport, Patrick from Stalmach, Scott from Geary and lastly Cliff and his crew from pedal the Peaks. It was great to see where the sport has arrived after 9 seasons. Most of the gear we played on this festival was not available only 9 seasons ago.

On Sunday I was tired as a dog left outside but was a bit sad to see all this friendship and true comradery end. This festival was a breath of fresh air in the sport and for the first time I saw some true growth in the respect across the sport, platforms, vendors and individual riders. It was truly an incredible festival and I am looking forward to our 10th annual next year. Those of you that don’t want to share the snow together regardless of platform or think you are the only ones that should have access to the slopes..…and you know how I’m talking about, stay away because we have move beyond that old shit and the push forward without you is incredible. We tried to do it with you, now we will do it without you!! You are always welcome if you want to show respect and play nice. Just show up and bring a smile and a hug with you!!

Keep it shiny side up and slippery side down,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 14 OTS Feb 21, 2011 Durango Mountain Resort

I spent day 14 OTS at DMR riding with Krusty and ran into Greg Linder from the ASA and Roy from DMR. I also saw the boys from Pedal the Peaks on the mountain but did not ride with them.

So I was hoping for some deep untracked powder after this last storm some but seems the place was a zoo on Sunday and everyone had tracked most of it out. I decided to ride my Snowscoot Boarder-X for the day and hunt out the soft untracked stuff. After about 4 runs I thought I was done as this bike takes a bit more effort to ride than my Brawler. I got a second wind and rode the Snowscoot up till almost 3pm. I don't think I've ever spent a full day on a board bike but found this day to be a bit different. What a day on this coll machine. Found some fun stuff on upper and lower Hades and hunted for as much ungroomed stuff we could find. I had a blast on that Boardbike today. I'm getting real good on it and if I was a bit younger I would seriously hook this machine in the park and see what I could make it do but at 43, I have no intention to start now.

Rode till I was fatigued quite a bit ~ 3pm and called it a day!! Going to take Tuesday off as a down day and decide if I want to Ski at the Creek tomorrow!!!!



Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 13, OTS (On The Snow) Feb, 18 2011 Santa Fe Ski Basin

I got a call late Thursday from my buddy Ryan at my work asking if I wanted to catch up with them at Santa Fe Ski Basin for a day of play. I left the group only 3 short weeks ago to start my Sabbatical but miss my crew a lot already. I have been meaning to get some work on my snowboard but alas...12 days this season..all on the skibike. I wanted to hang with the boys and keep up so for what ever reason, I decided to put my skis on for the first time in 3 seasons. I use to be a really good skier but from the first time I rode a SkiBike I have spent less and less time on them to the point that it had been several seasons since I had them on my feet. I actually had butter flies in my stomach wondering if I could even ski anymore.

I arrived early at SF Basin and was able to get a few runs in before the boys showed up. I was pleasantly surprised at what I remembered and after only a few warm up runs, I was rolling the my skis..making turns with minimal effort. The boys showed up, Both Ryans from work and the 2 Irish boys Brandon and Allen. The Irish boys are here on temp assignment in Albuquerque from their Fab in Ireland and have been working with us for over a year now. They don't get much ski time at home as they have to fly to Europe for any skiing. Any who......we all chased each other around SF Basin, drank beer on breaks and sipped Whiskey on the lift. At the end of the day, I was very glad I put my skis on. #1, it was not near as bad as I remember, and 2, like ridding a bike, I was able to get back into it after a few runs and really had a good time on my boards. At the end of the day, after seeing a almost 70 YO snowboarder, I've decided I'm not giving up skiing and will just continue to add to my snow play abilities. I've decided its very shallow minded to commit to only one platform when you spend as much time on a snow covered as I do. Currently I can SkiBike, Ski, 3Skis, Boardbikes and Snowboards. Next.....mono board and pan lids!!! What a way to change it up!!!

I'm sitting in Durango right now getting ready to play at DMR on this Monday Presidents day to play after about 13" dump over 48 hours. Heading into SkiBike festival later this week. Time to get lost on a hill somewhere yet again and continue the dream........


Day 10, 11 and 12 OTS (On The Snow) Feb, 13-15 2011 Angel Fire Ski Area

I spent days 10-12 OTS at Angel Fire Ski Area, Angel Fire NM with my buddy Eugene. (aka Krusty) I had just been up there earlier the previous week ( see previous post) with lows of -11 to -22 degrees below zero morning starts after nice big powder dumps. This trip was a completely different animal only a few days later! We arrived on the hill at about 11:00 am Sunday morning. At that time the mercury was already tipping 38 degrees. A far cry from the -22 degree start only 3 days earlier. We spent the rest of Sunday having fun and hot lapping the hill. The snow was still in good shape and soft. We had Eugene's sisters cabin to ourselves and just enjoyed the down time and ride time on the hill.

Day 11 we hit the hill at about 9:30 it the tem was already at 38 degrees and climbing. How amazing to have the additional warmth on your face and the sun but it was killing the snow exponentially by the day. While the snow softened up nicely, we were starting to get really bad ice under main runs and nasty brown skids showing through several runs. The day closed at almost 50 degrees!! Hot lapped the mountain had lots of funs and took lots of tree breaks. J went to Zebs and had a big ol New Mexico green chile cheese burger, Krusty bought.

Day 12, we closed up the cabin before we hit the hill. While it was just as warm as it had been, there had been a cold wind that moved in and started ice over the hill. Hot lapped the mountain but lots of rocks showing through and some found their way under my skis!! Ouch!! The snow was turning to crap due to the heat over the last 3 days and we decided to call it a day at about 1pm and head back to Albuquerque. It hit over 55 degrees on Tuesday. Spring skiing in Febuary.

What a good time, can't get enough of these days!!!

I heard something last week while watching a Warren Miller Movie, "They gathered here for no other reason then it suited them"...some how I can relate.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 8 & 9 OTS

Spent days 8/9 at Angel Fire Ski area in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Snuck in just after another 12"+ dump during the night.

I drove in from Albuquerque Wednesday morning and the roads were clear up to Taos. The canyon drive was white knuckle. I arrived at AF with the town sign stating -11 below!! Rode amazing 18"+ deep snow in places and spent the day personally tracking out several runs no one could get through.

Decided to get a little more of this amazing snow and spent the night at AF Resort. Woke Thursday morning to -22 degrees!!! God I hope it warms up just a bit today. I can't even believe my PC started up after sitting in the car over night.

Need to get ready for a bit more play on the hill today before I head back to Albuquerque today.